solid wood furnitures for your home

we design and build home furniture that carries the soul of nature. powerful and sensitive, we preserve woods pureness by working the material with respect, locally, directly.

20% de rabais!

Cet été, meublez votre terrasse avec style et obtenez 20% de rabais sur les tables extérieures.

*Rabais disponible jusqu'à épuisement des stocks, ne tardez pas!

Nouveau produit!

On est très très heureux de vous présenter notre tout nouveau tabouret de cuisine qui vient s'ajouter à notre éventail de meubles pour la salle à manger.

Dessiné et fabriqué au Québec, solide et durable, beau et confortable, l'essayer c'est définitivement l'adopter.

Collection Oslo: Lauréate aux Grands Prix du Design

L'an dernier, la collection Oslo composée de 3 meubles (table, Banc et table ronde) s'est vue nommée lauréate bronze aux Grands Prix du Design.

Design d'inspiration scandinave, esthétique minimaliste et épurée, cette collection a tout pour vous plaire.

solid wood

when we say solid wood, it means that all of our furniture are made only from solid wood, from head to toes, always, only and forever.

no veneer, never.

"we do real furniture, for real people"

quebec made

we offer home goods made here by our people. furniture that have a soul and ethically made. solid wood furnitures made with the greatest respect of our nature and of the values that we cherish

the founders

Catherine & Philippe

before everything, we are lovers. we love each other and we have the pleasure of sharing every day together. we met in another life, in our last work place, where everyday we used to dream of the very best version of each other. at this moment, we were very far from knowing what adventure was waiting for us in the next months. and here we are, since a bit more than 2 years, living the greatest adventure of our life.

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