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INSPIRATION: 8 belles tables de Noël pour inspirer votre déco

INSPIRATION: 8 beautiful Christmas tables to inspire you

Every year, our mission at Christmas is to inspire you to bring the magic of Christmas into your interior spaces, whether through the visual content we share on Instagram or through blog articles. This year, we continue the tradition, and in this article, we present 8 delightful Christmas tables with a "Shop the Look" section to assist you in shopping for your favorite decorative elements!

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8 transformations avants/après inspirantes : Édition clients

8 inspiring before and after transformations: Customer Edition

In search of inspiration to embark on renovating a room in your home and give it a new lease of life? We have exactly what you need for maximum inspiration! We present to you 8 inspiring before/after transformations of clients who have incorporated at least one Woodstock & Co. product into their renovated space.
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6 transformations avants/après inspirantes : Édition collaborations Instagram

6 inspiring before/after transformations: Instagram Collaborations Edition

In search of inspiration to embark on renovation or simply decorate a room in your home? We have exactly what you need for maximum inspiration! Here, we present 6 before/after transformations of dining rooms from individuals we had the opportunity to collaborate with on decoration projects in the past year.

Let yourself be inspired by the before/after photos from @jessmegan, @thefarmhousedream, @llesdeux, @audreyrivet, @evlabine, and @melynacot_.
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Inspiration déco 2020 : 10 beaux décors pour vous inspirer

Home decor inspiration 2020: 10 beautiful designs to inspire you

When it comes to decoration, we all have different preferences. Some people prefer to be completely guided, while others take days, weeks, or even months to gather inspiration and define their own style. The most creative individuals artistically create their environment based on shapes, colors, and textures that resonate with them.

With the mission to inspire you to create interior environments in your homes that represent your personal style and evoke a sense of well-being, we have gathered a collection of ten client décors in this blog post that will undoubtedly stimulate your inspiration.

Discover them in this blog post written by Catherine Tapin, co-founder of Woodstock & Co.

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L'ABC des bons agencements de bois et de couleurs

The basics of wood and color combinations

In this blog post, Karine Matte, a renowned stylist and interior decorator known for her beautiful eclectic décors that she enjoys creating for her clients, reveals the secrets of the ABCs of color combinations with your favorite wood finishes. Continue reading, and you too will become experts in the field!
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