INSPIRATION: La table Oslo dans les plus beaux décors

INSPIRATION: The Oslo table in the prettiest decor

09 February, 2022 - Catherine Tapin
Bestseller since its arrival in our online store, the Oslo table pleases with its elegance, style, and durability. Available in three shades (white birch, white oak, and black walnut), this table perfectly complements many décors.
A bestseller since its arrival in our online store, the Oslo table is a favorite for its elegance, style and durability. Available in three shades (cherry, white oak and black walnut), this table is a perfect match for many decors. To show you how beautiful this table is everywhere and all the time (and to inspire you a little bit too), we have selected the most beautiful decor choices in which this beautiful table has been noticed by our clients. We present them to you 1 by 1 in this blog post.


    Melyna's home: a tone on tone dining room

    We love the beige life side of Mélyna. This dining room with its 50 shades of beige is definitely anything but "flat". Cherry wood table and chairs, beige wall, beige carpet, beige frames, beige light fixture, do you want some beige? Here it is!

    Salle à manger @melynacot_

    Photo by: @melynacot_

    What we love most about this decor:

    • The dining room set in cherry wood is pure and refined
    • The tone on tone look without moderation
    • The simplicity of the decorative elements that put the focus on the table

      Thuy: all wood with minimalist accents

      This lovely house was a crush for us when we delivered the table. A very small house that must have been built before 1950 (according to our very non-scientific calculations). Each room has been renovated with a lot of love and attention. We entered the house first through a beautiful white kitchen with a giant island (a sign that before the pandemic Thuy and his partner must have spent a lot of time around the island with friends), and then into an open-plan common living space (living room / dining room type). Everything was beautiful, neat and delicate, just like its owners. Maple dining room table, ash chairs and old flooring that you can't quite tell the species from, three different woods that work together beautifully. Who said that everything in a house had to be the same tone?
      Salle à manger Thuy

      Photo by : @thuyd93

      What we love most about this decor:

      • The matching woods in the dining room 
      • Black french doors
      • The softness in the details (including the light fixture)

        Rebecca: a decor worthy of a Pinterest board

        During a trip to Abitibi, Philippe and I decided to mix business with pleasure by joining a canoe-camping adventure with a few furniture deliveries in the area. When we entered Rebecca's house, we were already in the main room, the dining room, and everything was ready for her beautiful Oslo table. As we walked around the house to place her TV stand that she had also ordered from us, we thought we were in the middle of a Pinterest board. Everything was aesthetically perfect, a jungle of plants, open divisions that let you breathe, an excellent arrangement of materials. Let me tell you that Philippe, who is clearly the hardest person to impress I know when it comes to decorating, was really impressed. Good job Rebecca!

        Salle à manger de Rebecca
        Photo by @rebecca.lacombe

        What we love most about this decor:

        • The plant jungle
        • The half-open division that separates the kitchen and the dining room
        • The purity that is provided by the plants, the white and the natural materials

          Julie : elegance, conviviality and comfort

          Everything about this dining room tells us that this family loves to spend quality time at the table. It's friendly and looks so comfortable. Of course, the addition of the Oslo bench always makes the dining space more inviting, as a bench creates a certain openness, an invitation to sit down. In this dining room, the size of the table and the choice of chairs are also good indicators that there is often a large group of guests sitting for a long time at the table. A large blackboard to indicate the menu of the day, or the schedule of the week, gives us the impression that there is a lot of action going on in this house. They seem to have a lot of fun :)
          Salle à manger de Julie

          Photo by : @coderrejulie

          What we love most about this decor:

          • The chairs with low backs and the bench that give an impression of openness, an invitation to sit
          • Ceiling to floor curtains that spread light throughout the room
          • The large blackboard in a white dining room gives a dynamic effect

          Annie: dare to integrate colors and wood mixes

          We love the dynamism that Annie shows in her decoration. She dares interesting mixes and we would give her a 10/10 for her arrangements. We play here with light and dark, with pastel colors and it is quite charming. What the photo doesn't tell is that inside her TV cabinet there were sky blue drawers. With the dark brown of the cabinet and chairs and the light beige of the table and the seat of those chairs, it was a very interesting mix. Salle à manger d'Annie

          Photo by : @annie_boisvert

          What we love most about this decor:

          • The mix of dark and light wood in the dining room
          • The soft pastel light fixture
          • The mix of Scandinavian and mid-century styles


            Kimberly: a dream dining room

            If I had to describe my dream dining room, it would definitely be Kimberly and Simon's (their entire house actually, which you can see on @beurl's account). Extra bright, simple and elegant, this dining room makes us dream every time. The giant ceramic tiles, the white window curtains and white chairs that wrap around the table, all in an harmonious set that breathes elegance.

            Salle à manger de @beurl

            Photo by: @beurl

            What we love most about this decor:

            • The ceiling-to-floor curtains that surround the dining room set
            • The glass space as walls that offers an exceptional luminosity

              Mélanie: the warmth of "raw effect" materials

              Another breathtaking house, built on top of Bromont. The ultimate, I can tell you! As we arrived right at the golden hour for the delivery, we were given a whole sunset as a show. With these armchairs all around the table, we really want to spend the whole evening there. This house was absolutely beautiful. Majestic and imposing, but filled with warmth from the "raw effect" materials selected. A crush for us on so many points.

              Salle à manger de Mélanie

              What we love most about this decor:

              • The set of two black poppies from Luminaire Authentik above the table
              • The combination of wood and stone throughout the house
              • Neutral and contrasting tones in the open plan space 


                Audrey: bright, pure and warm

                We are completely under the charm of this beautiful large dining room. The choice of white chairs with bars was just right for this dining room. Sometimes putting 10 chairs around a table can give a compact and closed effect, especially when you choose a chair with a full back. By choosing chairs with bars, you air out the dining room space and by choosing white chairs that blend in with the decor of the room, you direct the attention to the dining room table and we love that!

                Salle à  manger d'Audrey

                Photo by : @4udrey.vincent

                What we love most about this decor:

                • The smart choice of the white chairs with bars that leave the attention on the beautiful dining room table
                • Rattan lights that give a touch of warmth to a white decor
                • The lovely mural suspension in the back with bohemian inspirations

                  OSLO WALNUT TABLE

                  Audrey: a modern mid-century dining room

                  As much as the Oslo table looks like Scandinavian style when made of cherry or oak, it sticks very strongly to the mid-century modern trend when made of walnut. The decor of Audrey is a perfect example. This dining room is simply stunning!

                  Salle à manger de @audreyrivet

                  Photo by : @audreyrivet

                  What we love most about this decor:

                  • The wooden beams contrast with the white ceiling
                  • The combination of elements from the modern mid-century trend
                  • Gustave the dog who literally steals the show in the decor


                    Sylvie : a little wood in a pure decor

                    Sylvie and her husband decided to sell their house and move into a lovely little condo in Montreal. A new start, a new lifestyle. We're starting over, but it wasn't without fear and concern. Sylvie and I talked over a period of almost a year and a half to make sure that the choice of table was going to be perfect, as the dining room table was going to be in the center of their new living space. We went over every little detail with great care to make sure their future environment would not be cluttered with heavy furniture and we can now give ourselves a big high five. The choice of walnut in this space is a great idea. The sophisticated wood grain of walnut gives a lot of warmth to the designs of the condo and brings life, as well as a nice punch of color.

                    Salle à manger de Sylvie

                    Photo by : @syldudu

                    What we love most about this decor:

                    • The layout of the rug and table brings warmth to the space
                    • The high ceilings give an impression of height
                    • Concrete as a ceiling covering that also brings warmth

                      So here it is, we hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you are inspired by it! We thought it was pretty interesting to show you all the different ways you can use the same table and we love to see how we can bring out different personalities through decoration, just like we do through our choice of clothes.

                      Our clients are the best, we have the most beautiful work and seeing the final result is always the best feeling!

                      In the comments, we'd love to know what your favorite dining room is!