Inspiration déco 2020 : 10 beaux décors pour vous inspirer

Home decor inspiration 2020: 10 beautiful designs to inspire you

10 February, 2021 - Catherine Tapin

When it comes to decoration, we all have different preferences. Some people prefer to be completely guided, while others take days, weeks, or even months to gather inspiration and define their own style. The most creative individuals artistically create their environment based on shapes, colors, and textures that resonate with them.

With the mission to inspire you to create interior environments in your homes that represent your personal style and evoke a sense of well-being, we have gathered a collection of ten client décors in this blog post that will undoubtedly stimulate your inspiration.

Discover them in this blog post written by Catherine Tapin, co-founder of Woodstock & Co.

When it comes to decor, we are all different. Some need to be completely taken care of, others find inspiration for days, weeks or months to define their own style and the most creative create their environment in a very artistic way from the shapes, colors and textures that make them vibrate inside. Every year, design trends evolve and it's easy to get lost between modern farmhouse, boho chic, scandinavian, japandi, classic, rustic, contemporary and modern trends as well as all the other trends remixes that co-exist in the design world. Besides, these decor trends evolve so fast that it is often better to define our own style than to stick to a single trend, at the risk that our decor "goes out of fashion too fast" and that we get bored after 1 or 2 years. 

With the mission of inspiring you to create interior environments in your home that represent your personal style and make you feel good, we've gathered in this blog post a dozen client decor that will surely stimulate your inspiration. To make reading more enjoyable, we have placed the decor in order (in our opinion) from the most "classic" to the most "unconventional".

A classic dining room, Californian atmosphere inspired by the boho-chic trend

Table Arwin et tablette en bois massif

A beautiful, simple, classic and warm dining room. Despite the white walls and the lack of extravagant elements, each decorative element was carefully chosen to keep the warm theme of the rooms throughout the house. Warm woods, plants and natural materials bring a lot of warmth to the decor of this house and can easily be transposed elsewhere in this kind of environment.

What we like about this decor: 

  • Black accents give a modern and contrasting touch to this very simple decor
  • The warmth of the woods and plants that bring a "Californian" feeling
  • The addition of natural materials (rattan and wicker) as accessories for even more warmth.

A modern, refined and welcoming living room

Table basse Prisme en bois massif

The large windows with black frames of this Montreal condo make us drool. It's easy to see yourself there, glass of white wine in hand, on a summer evening, isn't it? The clarity of the materials chosen and the minimalism, which leave room for the show on the other side of the windows, make this small living room a beautiful pleasure room!

What we like about this decor: 

  • The large windows with black frames
  • The pale and natural materials used in decoration
  • The purity of the room

    A dining room that incorporates light woods perfectly

    Ensemble de salle à manger Woodstock & cie

    This open-plan space, perfectly laid out in this beautiful country house with a superb view of the forest, is very inspiring. The owners have integrated many accents of light wood adding a lot of warmth to their interior space in the middle of nature, a sort of like bringing the forest inside. The table and 2 benches configuration makes the dining area very inviting for a very successful cottage look. 

    What we like about this decor:  

    • The repetition of pale woods in several locations within the open area
    • The large window that gives the view on the forest
    • The coziness of the dining room set with the addition of the two benches around the table. We also like the fact that there are no chairs at the ends of the table, which makes the dining room space much more spacious.  

    A dining room with a view of the lake and the forest

    Table Brook en bois massif

    This dining room takes our breath away at all times. This home designed by Maisons Bonneville, in the Chic-shack Micro Loft project in La Conception is absolutely gorgeous. The windows in the walls, from the ceiling to the floor, let us see an absolutely beautiful landscape, both the lake (on the left) and the surrounding forest. In this simple and pure decor of the house, it was obvious to choose a table with refined Scandinavian-inspired lines in a light wood.

    What we like about this decor:  

    • The simplicity of the decor
    • Windows that bring in a lot of light
    • The view of the forest and the lake in the comfort and warmth of the house

    An entire boho chic decor

    Table Brook en bois massif

    We are completely charmed by the boho chic decor of this room in which the beautiful Oslo table in white oak is integrated. The combination of natural materials in all the elements of this decor creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere. We have a soft spot for the long transparent curtains that spread the light perfectly and give the effect of a large window in this living room. The cane, rattan, wool, dried flowers, pale wood and the set of mirrors-suns on the walls, classic emblems of the boho trend.


    What we like about this decor: 

    • The profusion of natural materials that embrace the boho trend
    • Pale, neutral and warm tones that blend perfectly
    • The full length curtain effect, a source of perfectly diffused light

      A refined dining room with a mid-century look

      Table Arwin en bois massif

      The selection of the Arwin table to complete the mid-century look makes sense in this dining room. We love the arrangement with the chairs and light fixture, which fully embraces the trend and gives a simple and elegant, yet assertive and straightforward character. What is remarkable about this dining room is definitely the combination of the decorative elements.

      What we like about this decor: 

      • The straight lines, sometimes more imposing and sometimes more refined
      • The arrangement of warm woods
      • The minimalism of the decor of the house gives more impact to the few pieces of furniture chosen

      A modern rustic dining room in shades of black, white and wood

      Table Brook en bois massif

      It's no surprise that Sandra and Stephane's decor of this room won the 2020 edition of our "Most Beautiful Woodstock & Co." contest voted by our community recently on social media. A real professional job was done in this room. Black, white, wood and repeat! The open storage in the kitchen, the sleek Olso table with its classic white chairs, all give a very open and airy feel to the open area and the wood accents present bring a lot of warmth. The black and white elements bring a modern touch, while all the wood elements balance out by bringing a warm rustic vibe.

      What we like about this decor: 

      • Open storage in the kitchen
      • The black - white - wood concept which is very well exploited
      • The table and chair arrangement is the focal point of the open space

      Open storage: turning storage into an element of decoration

      Tablette Woodstock & cie en bois massif

      While many are afraid of open storage, we have to admit that this trend is one that is not going away anytime soon. Open storage has been in vogue for the past few years, as it gives an airy effect to our kitchens that have been very busy for decades and decades. The solid wood shelves in this kitchen with the exposed black brackets make a great contrast to the white subway tile wall. Choose your favorite kitchen items and add them to your beautiful shelves as decoration, change a few things with the seasons to freshen up your decor like seasonal flowers or whatever and you're done.

      What we like about this decor: 

      • The contrast between the white wall, the warm wood of the shelves and the black brackets
      • Highlighted vintage decorating elements that represent the vibe of the house
      • The little seasonal decorative touch that changes with the months

      A friendly, inviting and elegant dining room

      Table Arwin en bois massif

      If this dining space confirms anything, it's that elegance is in the sobriety. The space here has really been maximized with the choice of table size and the addition of two full length benches. The Arwin table and the Classic benches are often paired together and are a hit every time because of their straight lines and similar proportions. The sobriety of the table makes space for the view behind the large windows. The rustic black tiles of the windows, which remind us of the old Montreal factories, are enhanced by the dark oak table. The color of the wood chosen blends perfectly with the gray of the stone, creating an effect of duality, even complementarity.

      What we like about this decor: 

      • The friendly aspect of the chosen dining room furniture
      • The large and rustic windows give a beautiful view of Montreal
      • The dark color of the oak contrasts with the floor and walls, giving the dining room a bright look

        A dining room in which pleasure and quality of moments are in the spotlight

        Table V en bois massif

        This decor is probably our favorite of all time. Created by stylist Karine Matte of Matte & Glossy, for an incredibly charming and dynamic family, this decor inspires us to be joyful. The colorful floral mural reminds us of spring and leaves no one indifferent. We love the combination of green velvet chairs with black leather and cane chairs! For those of you who don't know where to start when it comes to woodwork and color, Karine has written an article about it on our blog, right here. The refreshed antique furniture in the back, the glass light fixture that adds a more modern touch, all these elements bring a great dynamic character to the decor. The V table with its geometrically shaped base reminds us of the inverted ergonomics of the light fixture above the table, breaking conventions, just like the majority of the elements in the dining room.

        What we like about this decor:  

        • The dynamic floral and colorful mural
        • The set of chairs around the wooden table V is anything but classic
        • The collection of "favorite" elements throughout the room

        This is the perfect end to our top 10 most beautiful decor of our customers to inspire you in your interior design! We hope that these will stimulate your imagination. To find more inspiration, we strongly suggest you visit our Pinterest or Instagram accounts to see our beautiful furniture in hundreds of different environments!